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As a conductor of Estate Sales I've heard so many times , I just love this antique piece but it just wouldn't go in my home.  I ask why?  Some of the many responses I hear is:

  1. ·         My house is new and not an older Victorian type home
  2. ·         My existing furniture is modern and wouldn't blend well with antiques
  3. ·         The architecture of our home is too modern

There is good news for those lovers of antiques that find themselves in this situation 

I've been in many modern homes where the use of an antique or two has added such beauty and warmth to a modern room.  I've often thought to myself I wish I had their design flair.  So I came right out and asked the question - How do you do this?  Your home looks so good and the addition of these pieces have added such interest and warmth to your home.

I think one of the best answers I received was to let your heart guide you and the Olde English rhyme inspire you - "something old, something new".   Bottom line - Older homes need some contemporary pieces to bring them out of the dusty past and a newer home needs a few antiques adding the character,craftsmanship and historic significance of the past. 
When mixing antique pieces and modern furnishings how do I begin?  If your home has mostly modern make your next purchase an antique -  Fall in love with your next purchase and don't second guess that purchase. Let your heart guide you!


Once associated with antique dealers and collectible items, estate sales are quickly becoming a popular place for the savvy shopper seeking the best value for their dollar.
What is an Estate Sale?  An estate sale is usually the result of the homeowner’s passing and all the personal contents of a home are being liquidated.  Since the goal of most estate sales is to clear out the contents of the home, each room contains merchandise on display, which means the shopper will travel from room to room as they hunt for the perfect buy.  

If you are an avid garage sale shopper be prepared for possible sticker shock  – unlike garage sales, estate sales are the accumulation of one’s life with many items still useful, relevant and in very good to excellent “like new” condition.  Shopping an estate sale affords the buyer a great opportunity to find high-end items at a fraction of the original cost.
Do you hesitate at the thought of buying second-hand items?  Don’t like the idea that someone else used them first?  Well, many pre-owned items can cost up to 50% to 75% less than the price you’d pay if you purchased them new. Often you can find gorgeous "used" goods; for example fine china that was maybe only was used once or twice a year; A service for 12 of Lennox China could cost $1,500 and upwards new at Macy’s when similar Lennox China could cost anywhere between $300 to $400 at an estate sale– who could pass up a savings of approximately $1,000 or more.  Your dinner guests will never know that you bought your gorgeous china at an estate sale unless you choose to tell them.

Never shopped an estate sale - well, don’t be shy just stop by.  
A home having an estate sale is set up very similar to a store and you're free to move from room to room browsing all the items being offered for sale.  There is never any pressure to buy in fact, shopping an estate sale can be fun and the bargains a bonus! 

Once you shop an estate sale you will be back – So when you are looking for new silverware or maybe some Waterford crystal put an estate sale at the top of your list of places to start your search.

To find an Estate Sale in your area click on the link below
Sale listings include dates & times and many estate sale companies list brief descriptions and photos of items available.  You can also take advantage of "Treasure Tracker" which will alert you to those items you are searching to purchase.